Personal Narrative: How Communication Has Changed My Life

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Sometimes in life it takes the influence of one person to change your perspective on life. My English professor invested time into my success that allowed me to fully understand my purpose. Growing up my ability to communicate hindered my relationship with people. Frustrated and embarrassed by my lisp tongue I muted myself from the outside world. My professor recommended speech services that enhanced my communication abilities and improved my overall quality of life. I am a product of a successful treatment plan facilitated by a speech pathologist. If it were not for the hard work and dedication of numerous therapy sessions I would not be able to effectively communicate my desires. At this juncture in my life my outlook has changed, my future goals has been altered, and most importantly my self-confidence has increased. My struggles became my…show more content…
Through research experience to volunteer sites, I have developed skill sets meaningful to the communication field. During my senior year I assisted children on the spectrum at Albert Einstein College of Medicine with literacy skills. As an undergraduate student I work on average of 40 hours a week to support myself. I have been able to maintain a consistent GPA while working and attending school activities. At that moment in my life I developed time management skills, which will be indispensable in graduate school. I have learned the true definition of what it means to service and assist a range of people from my volunteer work at Regis Care center, Dumont center for Rehabilitation and Graham Elementary School. While volunteering at these sites I worked diligently with speech language pathologists. Participation in the National Student Speech-Language Hearing Association have given me the opportunity to volunteer at innumerable
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