Personal Narrative: How Country Music Changed My Life

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During July 19-22 of 2012, Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. It was a very hot day about 90 degrees. We were like in a middle of a hay field. I was with my best friends. There were trucks everywhere and a lot of adults and younger people drinking and dancing to country music. There were a lot of police there too. This was Country Thunder. Country Thunder is a very big music Fest for country music and it's about the same week as Country USA. I had a 4-day pass and I can see all the people who were singing. There are about 22 singers that are on the main stage and on the GAC Country Thunder Stage there about 18 singers. The GAC stage is the stage where not so “popularly” country singer play at. It was the best week of my life and I had so many great moments.…show more content…
I talked to them about it and they didn’t want me to go because there are too many “drink” their. Understand that, but I already paid for my tickets and I didn’t want to change the plans with friends. There were a lot of people drinking, but we didn’t drink or anything. We were there to have a good time and to listen to great music. Not to get into trouble. I was thinking that my parent didn’t trust me, even knowing am going to be home after the concert and they let my brother go last year and this year. That whole week I stayed at a friend's house, so my parent wouldn’t know. I also had to stay away from my brother, if he saw me he would tell my parent. But he did end up seeing me at the Luke Bryan concert. He said if I went home right now that he wouldn’t tell our parents. I went home for one night, but I went back the next day. There was only one day left and I thought why not., but my parents still end up finding out that I still went. So I was grounded for a long
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