Personal Narrative: How Death Has Affected My Life

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I knew that the event that would affect my life and the lives of those around me was approaching. 9 months is more than enough time to truly digest what the arrival of new life would entail and yet I am only scratching the surface of my new role now that we are a year past that fateful 3rd of July. I’ve been flying solo for the past 15 years as an only child, therefore the monumental shift in character was something I was not expecting when I was stripped of the title of an “only child” and given the title of an “ate”. Through this, the concept of life coexisting with death clearly exhibits itself similarly with how every beginning has an end. The death of previous routines, attitudes and the so-called norms of our everyday living were some of the changes we all had to make with the new addition to our family.…show more content…
It has made me realize that I’ve been taking many “normal activities” for granted and that the little sacrifices we all have to make are harder than they look. I have realized that these sacrifices that I deem important are miniscule in comparison to the sacrifices of my parents, the rest of the family and everyone else who is older than I in terms of age and far wiser than I in terms of experience. We all have to make sacrifices which may seem insignificant to others, but are all the more important to us. Although, that does not signify that these “lesser” sacrifices are unimportant. For I believe that any sacrifice done out of sheer will and concern for the greater good is a significant sacrifice that will pave the way to something
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