Personal Narrative: How Doodle Changed My Life

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A couple days later i found my mom laying in the bathroom crying. I knew what was wrong, i still didn't believe it. Doodle was not dead i just had this feeling he was still alive. I worked so hard to get doodle to be a normal person and he just died. That night i didn't eat, i sat in my room remembering all the things doodle and i did. I remembered that one night when i brought him into the kitchen in his car and he walked to the table and everyone was so happy for him. Now every time i see my family they just stare at me like it's my fault he died. Mom keeps telling dad that everything is going to be ok, but i don't think it is. Our lives have changed; Doodle changed me. That weekend i went downstairs to see what my dad was putting together, I haven't seen him since doodle died i was getting worried. “Hey dad,” i said in a soft voice. “Hey bud, are you…show more content…
Dad was downstairs working on the finishing touches of the coffin. When i walked into the kitchen i say mom, she looked so beautiful in her black dress. Even though it was a sad day everyone was in a happy mood. Dad quickly loaded the car and then we were off to church. When we got there their was so many people, it seemed like the whole town was there. When dad got the coffin out a man with a black garbage bag came walking towards us. Nobody was crying yet and i don't think anyone will. We cried so much already that we were all out of tears. As mom got doodle ready in his coffin i went and sat over in the grass. I pretended that i was at old woman swamp watching doodle try and walk; i just remember him falling and getting back up and trying again. Mom called me over to help carry doodle into the church, he looked so cute in his shirt and tie. He looked like me when i was younger. After the funeral we went back home and played games, we were a happy family with a part of us missing. Doodle will always be in my heart and i do love
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