Personal Narrative: How Field Hockey Has Changed My Life

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One game left. The game that determines if you make it to the state tournament or not with 50 seconds left and I have possession of the ball. What do you do in a moment like this? Coaches are yelling in your ear to hurry up because time is running out. Best thought is to dribble up the side line and drive a big ball into the circle and hope that my teammates are there to put the ball in the back of the cage. I decided to dripple to the 25 yard line and hit a ball in and it surprisingly hit a person’s foot on the other team, that’s a corner. 10 seconds left. Ball comes to me and BAM! Ball goes into the back of the cage and everyone goes wild. That right there is why field hockey changed my life forever. Field hockey has changed my life and has…show more content…
I never really could trust anyone before I came to high school but now that I have had four years of field hockey under my belt, trusting people feels like a habit to me. This year I came into the season and got selected by my teammates to be the team captain. I trust them, and my teammates trust me to lead the team. Another thing I love about my field hockey team is that we are all there for each other whenever we need support. I cannot tell you how this wonderful bond makes me feel as a person and especially as captain. It’s great to just look up and see everyone loving the sport and everyone around you. There comes a point when I think back, and wonder what my life would be like if I didn’t decide to play field hockey. I would probably be sitting on my couch eating chips doing nothing. I know it sounds crazy that one sport can change your life but it’s not just the sport. It is also the coaches who are always there for you, and the parents on the sideline cheering, and your teammates always picking you up when you are down. I have an example; a couple days ago we had a game against archrivals
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