Personal Narrative: How Football Changed My Life

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Moving from elementary school to middle school meant moving to the other side of the school with all of the high schoolers. I felt like I was becoming older, gaining more responsibilities. In middle school I was reunited with my friend, Coleton Reed. This time, he was in the same grade as me. My favorite part about being in middle school was being allowed to play sports for the school. Going from youth sports to school sports was an enormous change. The players were bigger, faster, and stronger. Also, practice was much more difficult with stricter coaches and tougher drills. My first year of junior varsity football was terrifying. There was a select group of players who were significantly bigger than the rest of the team. It was their goal each day to ensure that the younger players endured as much pain and suffering as possible.…show more content…
My primary position on the junior varsity team was quarterback. Although we had many outstanding athletes, our first season was far from successful; however, my eighth and ninth grade years, we went undefeated in football. In middle school, I continued my baseball career with the school; yet, my desire to be on the diamond shifted more towards football. Sports brought a glorious feeling into my life in middle school; on the other hand, not everything turned out the way I had expected, for a tragic event changed my life forever. Something horrendous occurred to my close friend, Payton Mitchell. On April 6, 2012, God called my friend home. It was an unreal feeling to walk through the doors of the church and see my friends casket with family crying about his death. A person that I enjoyed most of my childhood with died at such a young
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