Personal Narrative: How Golf Changed My Life

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It is no secret that golf has changed my life in many positive aspects over the short time I have been playing. Golf has given me many things to think about in my life. It has changed the way I approach things and how I make good decisions that give me a positive outcome. Many positive events have been able to change my life over the past few years, because I started golf.
At the age of fifteen, the end of my freshman year in high school, I started golf. Being in a sport I had to keep up a high grade point average I worked very hard to maintain a 4.0 GPA on our 5.0 scales. Therefore, I continued to work hard to stay up in the ranks and also stay eligible, I was able to receive an invite to join the National Honors Society. I was excited that all my hard work was paying off not only for just being eligible to play golf, but to also be allowed to join a very elite and well-known Society. Golf motivated me and helped me have a positive look at my schoolwork, which also helped me receive my Golf Scholarship, to the Colorado
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It was definitely a life changing experience to understand how many people can barely afford homes, however with the help of Habitats for Humanity they help provide homes for their families. I went for a full day and I helped build the structure of the home. We were able to work with two men that were being considered as future homeowners in the neighborhood that we were building. It was inspiring to be able to work with these people, hear their stories, and understand how much work they really do for their families. Because of golf, I was given this opportunity to volunteer, if I did not work on my grades, and have to courage to actually go out and volunteer with my school I would not have gotten this opportunity. For this I am eternally grateful for being given the chance to experience this
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