Personal Narrative: How High School Football Changed My Life

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Have you ever grown to dislike something that you once loved? And I don’t mean something you liked that one day you just got bored of. I mean you loved this it was you whole life, then over time you just built up a hatred for this once great thing. For me this would be football. I still love to watch and talk about football, but I could never play the sport again. Keep in mind I finished out high school football, but I stopped liking it years ago. I think that is because during football I have built friendships and connections that will last a lifetime. I remember the first time I played football. It was thanksgiving at my dad's house in Nebraska. About a block down from his house was a big park with a baseball diamond, a playground filled…show more content…
With a helmet squeezed so tight on my head it began to hurt. It felt like we did hours of tackling drills. None of us cared how many drills we did though, infact we had fun running full speed and just smacking the crap out of whoever stood in your way. I don’t think I ever left practice without a smile on my face. Of course this feeling has changed with time. In my last few years of Highschool football there was very few practice that I left feeling as happy as I did when I was younger. As life went on and I made it to middle school I found that football was not just fun because you were presented with the opportunity to knock the snot out of somebody, it was fun because everyday I had the chance to hangout with my closest friends. Now i'm not saying I loved everyone on the football team but I did get along with the majority of them. We made memories that will be with me for the rest of my life. Like the time in Warriors that there was two inches of snow on the ground and we had to play in the Warrior bowl. Our hands were almost pink and numb to the touch. Or the Junior year that luke stripped the ball from a hutch player and yelled “I’m Luke Porter” as if everyone didn’t already
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