Personal Narrative: How Hockey Has Changed My Life

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Hockey Has Changed My Life I believe in being active, dedication, and hard work. Those characteristics have gotten me to where I am today. Being active, dedicated, and hard working have truly helped hockey career, from third grade to playing High School Varsity hockey. I believe that being active has helped me numerous times. Being active has helped me become better at soccer and hockey. In hockey you need to be in shape; I workout on a daily basis, to keep fit for hockey. When I train for hockey I jog, sprint, skate, and hoist weights. I believe that not only does being active help you physically, it also helps you mentally. When you workout it releases endorphins into your body to make you feel happier and better. Being active in sports has helped me in school, by relieving stress. Although being active can be hard sometimes, my family makes it so much easier. I am very thankful for my parents and brother who have helped me every day, to encourage me, give me advice, and get me to games and practices. I truly believe that being active is part of what makes ME today.…show more content…
Being athletic and smart takes a lot of dedication. I spend many hours each day at hockey rinks, traveling to and from rinks, and spending time with my team. I am very dedicated to become a great hockey player, so every time I hit the ice, I feel in my heart how much I love the sport. If I was not dedicated I would not workout, lift weights, and train every day. My dedication to hockey takes up many hours a week; while this is true, I still have to make time for school work. Many times a week I have to do homework at odd times or odd places. My dedication does not always allow me to come home from school and do my homework right away, so I snatch any moment I get to do my homework. Many times I have to do it on buses, in stinky locker rooms, or even in hockey stands. My dedication to hockey has helped me to do amazing
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