Personal Narrative: How I Almost Died At The Royals Parade

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How I Nearly Died at the Royals Parade Hate is a “strong” word, used to describe the things you despise the most. What do I hate? Baseball. I absolutely despise baseball; the sport irks my soul, so considering this, I don’t know what convinced me to go to the Kansas City Royals victory parade. Maybe it was the fact that I’d get to support the city I’ve lived in and loved for so many years, or maybe it was to be a part of the “cool crowd,” either way, going to the parade was one of the most traumatizing experiences of my entire life, where I learned that appearances can deceptive and that before going somewhere, you should always have plans made in case you get lost. At first, the parade was a lot of fun and really exciting. I met up with some friends from dance class and we got a load of snacks before going to the parade so we wouldn’t have to leave midway through for lunch. I had an amazing view at the very front of the section at Union Station, courtesy of my amazing friends, and a police officer. As the parade ended, my friends and I all realized that the crowd was about to get really rowdy, so we decided to go to the studio and watch a movie instead of staying around for the rally. Leaving the crowd was probably the…show more content…
The whole situation could have even been prevented had my friends and I thought of getting lost beforehand, and made plans such as a “safe place” to go to incase someone got separated from the group. I learned that no matter how good or evil someone looks, appearances have little to no correlation with a person’s actions, and every single outcome of a situation should be thought out before they occur. Most of all, I came to terms with the fact that I will never, ever like baseball, and next time any KC team wins something big, I should just watch the parade from some rooftop, where there’s no chance of ever getting

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