Personal Narrative: How I Become Who I Am

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How I have become who I am On New Year’s Eve 2001 I was diagnosed with child hood leukemia. I was eleven years old and thrown into a whole new way of life and events. On Sunday December 30th we had just arrived back home early from Christmas vacation in California due to me being so sick. My dad took me back to my mom’s house on Monday (New Year’s Eve) and told her I was sick and needed to go to the doctor. My mom called to schedule me an appointment with the doctor and they were booked full, because it was a holiday. She called back in a different voice and said she really needed me to get in as soon as possible. At 11 a.m. they were able to see me. The doctor came in to draw my blood, and I began to cry and needed a tissue for my nose. When I blew my nose it started to bleed, and it wouldn’t stop. When the test results came back in, they first thought I had mononucleosis (kissing disease). My nose was still bleeding, and bled nonstop for eight hours; They tested my blood again and found that I had leukemia. I went from everyday normality to being flown via life flight out of state to Salt Lake City, Utah. Somewhere I had never been before and where I was told I had little to no time to live. Looking back on this, I can see a lot of my current personality traits have come from that battle. Once I got to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City (SLC) I had to get a blood transfusion to replace all the blood…show more content…
In fact, it has driven my career search towards the medical field. I am currently going to school to become a radiology technician. I feel I have spent enough time in hospitals that I have empathy and not just sympathy. I would love to take what all the amazing doctors and nurses gave to me and help bring a positive change for someone else who may be fighting for their
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