Personal Narrative: How I Charged My Life

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Sometimes in the world I sit and think about My life like how can I charge it around like how can I make my family believed in me again?But how that was the question instill one night charged everything and charged me for ever and that night was my birthday and I did something But First this is what happened a month ago when it was natural and i was in 8 grade.One nigh when it was my 14teen brithday I was so mad and upset that I make a wish that I wish that it was so different and wish that my mom rosemary ,dad Raul they can see that i wanted to charge everything like it was before in the past and they will believe in me again

So the next morning it was the last week of school and i will become a college student and looking forward to Harvard university. But i fought very sick and very different i looked taller but i don’t know if i did?
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Mrs Amael i don 't like her but i like math sometime i really think about moving because that 's the teacher that gives me nightmares and keeps me up at night. Last year in 7 grade she the only one that hates me I had 10 minutes and I still didn’t finished this stupid question and everybody was almost done. I was at this school that we can’t taken out our phones only at LUNCH eat when every people want ,People can be rode to other people and bullying like what school is this. But the only thing that keep me going

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