Personal Narrative: How I Egged A House

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When I got into my friends car that day I had no idea of the trouble I would be getting into. This is the story of how I egged a house. Yes, you read that correctly. I egged a house. It was a summers day after band practice when I got asked if I wanted to go around town with my friends Shalyn, Bella, and Jules. It all started with a “Hey, do you wanna drive around for a little bit?”, from Jules. “Of course I do.” I replied. Driving around and talking was our favorite thing to do as a group of friends. We would talk about our problems from school to boys. It seemed like a typical day. We went from McDonald’s to the mall and we eventually ended back up at Bella’s house. That’s when Jules decided to bring up her ex Dillon. “Gosh I hate
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