Personal Narrative-How I Gained Independence In Washington DC

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How I Gained Independence in Washington DC It’s a Thursday night, and I am just about to finish my packing for my first trip to Washington DC. It’s also my first time being away from my parents for more than a day or two. Right now, I’m in my room, folding clothes into the pairs of shorts, I said to myself. My mother yelled up saying “dinner is ready!” I stayed upstairs and yelled “I’ll be down in a minute!” Afters I finished my packing, I ran downstairs, smelling the teriyaki chicken on the table. After dinner, I hurried upstairs to bed, I’m I was extremely excited to finally be on my way to arrive in Washington DC. As usual, my brother made a wise smartass comment: “It’s only 9 bud, what the heck are you doing going yo bed?” I ignored him, which is rare; I will not have have to deal with his comments for 4 whole days. I slowly shut my door, shut off the lights,…show more content…
Unfortunately, The bus begins to slow down to get off for lunch at the service plaza. Once the buses parked, we all ran inside to the food court, as we all were starving for any type of food. The time read 1:47 on the tiny analog clock in the food court. I could smell all of the different foods, and sadly, I could distinctly smell the bathrooms all the way from where I walked in. I tried to ignore the smell and got in line for a local fast food restaurant. I order two corn dogs and a soda. For being on the highway, the food tastes pretty good. I sat with my roommates for the next four nights and we ate fast so we could get back on the bus and to Washington DC as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we did not end up getting back on the road for about 45 minutes thanks to the long line to the smelly restrooms. We finally get back onto the refilled buses and were on our
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