Personal Narrative-How I Got My Brace

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How I Got My Brace We lost our soccer games, 2-1. On the ride home I was sitting in the back with a friend, while my sister sat up front, her long red hair hanging over the seat. We both saw the same dark blue punch-buggie fly passed us on the highway. She turned around and looked at me, I looked stared back at her. She screamed, “Punch buggie blue!” We both went to punch each other, our hands colliding. I let out a yelp of pain and retraced my hand back, spikes of pain spreading through it. It hurt me badly, but barely seemed to faze her. My mom turned around and looked at my hand. “We’re going to be home shortly momentarily,” She assured me. She turned back around and focused on the road. The ride home was filled with pain and tears.…show more content…
I woke up the next morning, still feeling a burning pain flaring through my hand. I winced whenever it touched something. My mom scheduled an appointment at the same place I’ve been going to ever since I was born, Shriners Hospital. I left school early the next day and then went to and then journeyed to Philadelphia. The doctor found out there were no broken or fractured bones, but there was still pain. As I walked in the lobby, a handful of injured children played with all of the provided toys. Three children were huddled around a wooden bead table. Above that a huge flat screen tv was attached to the wall playing Sesame Street. To the left were the bathrooms, small in comparison to the whole main lobby. As I walked towards the check in desk, I passed a row of individual desks sectioned off by short walls. People sat and worked quietly, stopping to take a drink of their freshly brewed coffee, the smell pervading through the lobby. Between the play area and check in desk was the seating area. Parents filled the seats and watched their children play with delight. In the back of the room, the check in desk awaited. An old lady was sitting at a computer, stamping the patient’s hand and attaching the unbreakable band around their wrist. Alongside the desk was a hallway that led to different rooms and the
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