Personal Narrative: How I Graduated High School

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How I Graduated High School Have you ever procrastinated for so long that it finally caught up to you? Well that was the story of my life in my senior year of high school. To me, high school wasn’t about learning and doing school work, it was more about hanging out with friends and living a life of leisure and free time. Needless to say, by the end of my sophomore year, everything changed and I learned things the hard way. Getting your responsibilities out of the way, and taken care of is always better done soon rather than later. Waiting only adds pressure on yourself and gives you less time to get your job completed. Stay on top of things. I started High School back in August of 2011. It was almost as if I entered a new world. There was a lot more freedom that I had never experienced. Most of the time being a freshman isn’t as fun and you’re looked at as young and immature, but that wasn’t the case for me. I knew a lot of the upper classmen and had older siblings that showed me the way. For the most part, my social life in high school was pretty solid. I coasted my way through and didn’t take anything serious. I had a really cool counselor that I was…show more content…
A month after, I thought getting a job would help make up for some of those credits. I applied to Burger King and within days, I got the job. That summer was a blur. It came and left so quickly and before I knew it, August had come. About a week before school started, I had a serious talk with my parents and told them that I would get this done. I remember thinking “this will be the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life and it would either make me or break me.” When school finally started, I kept my job. I didn’t realize how tough of a challenge it would be until I found myself coming home at 11:30 with loads of work to do. I still didn’t let that bring me down and every day I showed up for classes I took things serious. I was extremely motivated to overcome something that seemed
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