Personal Narrative: How I Ride My Bike

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Learning how to do something new can be scary. One of the hardest things i ever had to do was learn how to ride my bike. i was always afraid of falling of my bike and getting scrapes and bruises. But my sister told be that learning how to ride my bike without training wheels would make me look cool. And the older kids wouldn 't laugh at me anymore. What i didn 't realize was riding a bike was harder than it sounded.

Trying new things were not my thing but neither was getting picked on by my older cousins. the first day i started trying to ride without them i put a helmet elbow pads and knee pads. My sister told me to try and ride with only one training wheel at first to learn to keep my balance. The first couple of times i fell off but i didn 't stop trying. my sister started holding onto the back and let go when she got the hang of it but i would tip right over again

A couple days later my sister went to help me again she grabbed on the back and held me up right. as she let go one of my older cousens came zooming past on his bike knocking me over. as i was falling i tried to grab onto the bike but it just made it land on me. i started crying not knowing how to feel, depressed,disappointed in myself for losing my balance. from that day i stopped riding i didn 't want to get hurt again all my cousins would come over and try to say
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As time passed i got more confidence my sister came over again and told me to try again. i got my bike out hoping she would change her mind saying i didn 't have to. As i got on i didn 't feel wobbly like i usually did. i felt secured she took off my last training wheel and told me to peddle so i did. i thought she was holding on the back because i wasn 't falling until i saw her running right beside me. i was delighted i did it as i turned the corner and saw my cousins standing around. i don 't know what came over me but i then did circles around them and chasing them about to run them over. i will never forget the day i
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