Personal Narrative: How Laney Changed My Life

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At age fourteen I began fulfilling a more demanding role at the dance studio; I was asked by the director if I was interested in being an assistant for a few of her larger classes. As I walked into class the day I started assisting, I was feeling slightly nervous, but I was mostly excited to finally have the opportunity to be an example for others. More so, I felt honored that the director—someone I looked up to—thought I was ready to serve as that example. Nevertheless, my nerves were getting to me, and I hoped I was successfully managing everything that was expected of me. Suddenly, someone began whispering to me. She went on to tell me that I should call her Laney because she preferred that over her full name, which was Delaney. In this moment, all of my nerves slipped away, and an enormous smile soon spread across my face. Laney had always been positive and kind to everyone at the studio; even though she was fairly shy, she always found a way to cause the people around her smile. Her infectious laugh and…show more content…
Throughout the rest of her life she remained the same kind and uplifting girl she always was. Before Laney I had not been largely impacted by the effects of cancer so closely. Consequently Laney showed me that is important to always be yourself, and no matter how difficult life becomes it is important to stay positive. Laney never quit or gave up, and I will always strive to have the perseverance and strength that she showed in her life. Unfortunately, I didn’t think there was anything impactful I could do to help at a young age. Until I found a committee organizing a mini-THON to help support, and raise money for the Four Diamonds Foundation that assist children and families that are impacted by cancer. Immediately, after learning about the Four Diamonds Foundation I knew that I wanted to be involved, and continue the outstanding work at the University that started the largest

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