Personal Narrative: How Mima Changed My Life

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Mima I was young then. Only a few months older than 4. I was not old enough to enroll at any kindergarten and it was almost the beginning of the school year. I was supposed to spend this school year with my dad at home that is until my father, a General Motors worker, had been moved to first shift. My mother, teached at a school in town, which left me without anyone to spend the end of summer with. My mother had given me the news a couple days later: I would spend the school year at my grandma’s house. I raced around the house cheering. I was ecstatic. I loved Mima. I couldn't wait. This school year was going to be so much fun! Mima is very religious, which completely disguises her personality. She spent multiple years as a young adult in the convent as a nun. Nuns are often seen as strict people with little personality; however, Mima is the complete opposite. She is very loving and entertaining. She has been married to my grandfather for a very long time, that is 50 years to be exact. Everyone calls him Pappy, but I don't really know why. He also has quite the personality, so together they are my entertainment. Without a single word my mother opened my door and flicked on the…show more content…
The humid air was exhausting, we drudged our bodies to the beach and slipped on the waiters and went into the water. The cool temperature of the water quickly cooled the rubber of the waders, refreshing us instantly. We hastily exchanged splashes, soaking each other instantly. We raced to the shore choking on lake water and laughing endlessly. After a short break, Mima grabbed the rake, walked out into the water and tossed it into the weeds. She started pulling the rake back ashore, I immediately dug through the heap of seaweed searching for anything that moved. We found all sorts of creatures: turtles, frogs, minnows, catfish, and crayfish. Mima smiled and continued to haul in mountains of smelly seaweed. She was truly
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