Personal Narrative: How Moving Has Affected My Life

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When I was about to go on summer vacation, I would never guess that my life would change. Living in Floyd and going to school was my routine until this change. Not only did my move affect my home, but my choice of the school I went to. My brother was moving along with my parents. My father had just got another job offer to another company, which meant it was time to move! This “big” move that had caused me to change for the better. I learned to accept change and what it offers. Moving has changed me by helping me deal with change, making new friends, and finding who I am. To begin with, change is not always easy nor is it exciting. Before moving, I did not like change or…show more content…
For my brother I'm sure it was the same, he has grown as well. My emotions were bad at the time, but as I got older the more understanding it was. Change is something most people have to go through, but I needed it. Making new friends was the hardest part about the move. Being social is not my calling but this should be easy for others. When living in Floyd, I had only one good friend and we barely talked. The moral of the story is that making friends is hard, but is worth it. When you put in the work, you can find someone who completes you. I had to learn this the hard way. But, glad that I learned this lesson and now I can start my search for that exact person. I have not found friend yet, but will continue looking for them. Thanks to the move, I have grown into a better person and learned the true value of friendship. Inaddition, to helping me deal with change, making new friends, moving developed who I am.As aresult, moving made me a better person from finding who I really am. When I was in Floyd, being myself never happened. Believing and trying to be what others wanted me to be. Moving here has given me never-ending opportunities to

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