Personal Narrative: How Music Changed My Life

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It was New Year 's Eve the year of 2007, I had just turned 9 years old and little did I know my life was about to change forever. My parents took my sister and I on the Queen Mary 2, a cruise ship, to celebrate the holiday season. My family and I went to watch the musical playing at the cruise 's theater, Beatlemania, which is a musical focusing on the music of The Beatles and as a 9 year old boy I was completely unaware the impact this band had left in the world. As I began listening to the music all of a sudden I found myself immersed in all the rhythms and harmonies. The feeling I felt listening to them play couldn 't be compared to anything in the world and I felt like my mind was being introduced to this whole new side of the universe. For the rest of the trip I couldn 't stop listening to The Beatles and as soon as we arrived back in Miami I went to my local Best Buy and purchased a book that had all the songs of The Beatles and taught them in an easy to understand guitar notation. The only problem was I didn 't own a guitar. Everyday I found myself reading and trying to learn all these songs and their composition. Being in Fourth grade school seemed to be my only priority but as soon as I ended the year with great…show more content…
As time passed, along with my passion and skills my knowledge and comprehension of music began to grow. I started listening to music more often because I enjoyed the lyrical message of the song instead of listening solely to the way it sounds. I realized that there was a universal message or story to be told behind every song. I went from feeling the music to understanding the music. This new appreciation lead to my growth not only in the world of music but also gave me a new perspective of everyday life. As I went through more experiences in my life I was able to make connection with songs I interpreted as being written for the emotions I was currently feeling. The beauty of music is that it touches everyone 's heart in a
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