Personal Narrative: How My Dad Changed My Life

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Ever since I have been young my dad would always have something hurtful to say to me, like my love for music. He didn’t understand why I loved to play the violin because it was effeminate. He was always dishonored to say I was his son because of my ‘feminine’ traits . Soon it got to me, I started to become more and more depressed every day, and by the time I was twelve I was at the point where I didn’t want to live anymore. My mom was always by my side through all the emotional, physical and mental abuse. She started taking me to therapy and the therapist diagnosed me with moderate to severe depression. I remember my therapist 's office, it had a very welcoming look, and it smelt like old books,which I found comforting. Sadly I was only able to go to a few sessions before my father found out what my mom was doing for me. He said I was faking everything for the attention and he did not want me to go anymore, my mother tried to protest but she was just as scared of him as I was. When my father…show more content…
I have been just your average teenage boy guess you could say. Although I was still depressed, but I would keep that to myself. I remember this teacher, I had who helped me through it all, he was the only person I felt like I could trust besides my mother. My 8th period band teacher Mr.Lopez, he was a calm and understanding person, and affable. By the end of the first semester we grew a close bond. I saw him as the supportive father I never had, I would play the violin for hours and Mr.Lopez didn’t mind staying after school hours to help me enhance my artistry. He would always say how much he loved to hear me play. I would do anything to make him proud of me, so one night I went on the internet to search for any form of therapy that was free, I didn’t want my father to find out that I was going to therapy again. I wanted to better myself, to become a better person to make better
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