Personal Narrative: How My Mom Changed My Life

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The evident pain of an appalling time where my mother was at her weakest, not knowing how she would support her four children after being laid off during the Great Recession of 2008, was suffocating. Having no father figure to look up to in my life, other than an illustration of a man leaving his family behind, was excruciating, especially at the boisterous stage of my innocence. In elementary school, I was suspended, received unacceptable grades, and was bullied. Growing up, I found myself isolated and disadvantaged in my institutional environments. I find that it was grossly unfair that the complexity of adulthood was initiated at the time of my childhood.
I always viewed my mother as my super-woman, but when my sister found herself lost for words, I knew something happened. At ten-years-old, I was taken out of school to find my mother lying ill on a hospital bed. Holding the warmth of my mother 's hand and seeing her resting body inspired a profound change in myself. When my mother woke up, I promised that I would do my best in school and take advantage of every opportunity that would help expand my potential. My mother said she never lost faith in me,
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My dream is to attend an institution that presents students, like myself, who have financial-based needs the opportunity to pursue a quality education in a thought-provoking environment. I hope to procure a degree in the law or political science field, where I can fully share my desires and capabilities with the world, maintaining my passion to help those in need. I continue to grow from my dynamic experiences and with the limitless future possibilities of personal growth in college, I will be exposed to new life tests, ultimately developing into a newly empowered
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