Personal Narrative: How My Suicide Changed My Life

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I’ve always been the kind of person that thrives in the happiness of others. I inherit the mood of those around me, and when it isn’t a mood I like, I try and change it. Sometimes I would go too far though, and end up making the situation worse or making myself feel useless. That is why I think that the best way to achieve happiness with yourself, and give happiness to the people around you is to give it all you’ve got, but never more than you have left to give because if you give too much, you will lose yourself in the process.
I was never a very popular kid when I was young. I was bullied and battered until I reached a point where I had no friends and I no longer cared about anyone or anything. This was a huge problem for me because I am
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I don’t like to talk about what happened, but afterwards, I was so used to being disappointed and being alone that I did what I had always done. I hid what had happened, and tried to forget, but there are just some things you can’t forget. I developed a natural distrust for everyone, including my family, and I shut myself out from everyone. This led to the development of a few mental issues, and inevitably, my suicide attempts. After high school, I made a few friends and began to open up a bit more, but with that, my past began emerging. I had developed Severe Insomnia, and would often have very emotional and unpredictable mental breakdowns. I would either become depressed or Livid and I took it out on anyone around me. My “friends” became very worried and asked about what was going on, and at first, I wouldn’t tell them, but as we grew closer, I opened up more and more. I told them about my depression and my Insomnia. I told them about my past and I told them some of my inner most thoughts, until I had only 1 more secret. Telling them about my problems had helped me to the point where I was no longer depressed, I was actually getting sleep, and I was joyful. Unfortunately, the one thing I had kept from them was the thing that had been keeping me awake at night and had made me the way I was. It was what happened when I was

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