Personal Narrative: How My Team Changed My Life

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Has something ever happened to you that felt like it was going to be impossible to overcome? Well, you are not alone. Every person at one time has felt like they wouldn't be able to get through something. I myself have gone through my own difficulties such as many injuries, fighting for a spot on the team, and countless physical therapy sessions. That is why I believe in always staying positive no matter what you are going through.

This year I have gone through a series of injuries: a bursitis (an inflammation of fluid) on my elbow, a concussion, a broken hand, and a torn ligament in my foot. Every time I got hurt, I was discouraged and down on myself. It was very tough mentally on me whether having to watch my team succeed or fail I always wanted to be right there on the court with them. The physical pain was not as bad as the emotional pain.

Once I would dig deep and find faith that everything was going to get better, I was able to overcome the challenges I was facing. I was still going to my team’s games and practices. This had a toll on me mentally, because it made me want to get back playing sooner than I was able to. I would surround myself
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For example, I have been on varsity volleyball since my freshman year. This is my second season for highschool, and my team is overflowing with very talented players. I want to one day be a starter for my team, and I have to work as hard as I possibly can at every practice, and I even work outside of them too. At home, I am constantly outside practicing my passing form against the side of the house. I also run on the treadmill to make sure that I am keeping up with my endurance and keeping myself in the best shape I can be in. The word impossible is not in my vocabulary, because if you work hard enough, anything is possible. There are times I want to give up, but I never do. I keep my goal in mind and use it as
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