Personal Narrative: How Not Eating Animals Changed My Life

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“How Not Eating Animals Changed My Life”
Humans are selfish. It is easy to be selfish, to disregard the needs of others, but the best decisions are not easy to make. As a young girl I watched in awe as my neighbor cut down their tree for aesthetic purposes. Viewing the bleak reality of human destruction something told me the way humans take advantage of the environment is wrong. Although the intention to care about the environment has consistently been present in my life, I did not know how to act with that intention in a meaningful way until I learned that to be serious about the environment the greatest practical effort I could make was to stop eating animal products. My decision to stop eating animal products made me realize my impact on the world, align my beliefs with my actions, and be more compassionate. What first led me to question my consumption of animals was viewing the documentary “Cowspiracy”, which covered the reasons why one should not support animal agriculture on the grounds that it destroys the environment and thus affects the lives of all humans. I felt as though I was being told something I already knew, except the documentary was able to inform me what I could do with this information. It was a documentary that stuck with me, and subsequently it changed my perspective on everything. I considered my place in the world, so disconnected from
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Humans are selfish, but humans are also able to change and cause immense change in this world, more so than any other species. I catch sight of it when I have presented research papers on veganism or when I explain to curious people as to why I don’t eat meat- this is how the world changes: on a person-to-person basis. For the rest of my life, veganism will continually motivate me to be a better person, and to be more compassionate and kind to the planet and to other people, rather than be
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