Personal Narrative: How Running Has Affected My Life

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Sebastian Reaves Dr. Hood English 10 Honors, Period 5 30 October 2015 Title Unexpectedly life can give you certain obstacles, you have to fight through those obstacles to get through life. Last year, I joined the cross country team and I am still on it today. Running has affected my life a lot and has changed my lifestyle. Additionally, running has made me a stronger individual. Many people have inspired me to start running including my grandpa, my coach, and my dad. I never thought running would have such a positive effect on my life.[introduction – hook, mention main ideas (separation, initiation & transformation, return), thesis] Stage 1: Separation The separation stage is when the hero of the journey is taken away from the normal world…show more content…
The 13 mile run was a huge accomplishment and made me feel like I could accomplish anything if I put my mind to it. I feel this confidence boost is affecting me in different areas in my life. I feel more confident as an individual and do not feel the need to follow the pack. I have learned to push myself and to never give up. Step 7: The Atonement. After achieving the goal of running thirteen miles, I want to push myself even more and try a triathlon. While training for this triathlon I have learned how to swim better, have biked sixteen miles, and got an even better time in a 5k run. This has been the most intense training I have done in my life so far. Even though, it is hard training for this triathlon I think this will be a good experience for me. My coach has taught me to aim higher in life and to try new things you would never expect to do. Now I have different mindset towards things and enjoy challenging myself. Stage 3: The Return The return in a hero's journey, is when the hero has came back to the everyday life. The hero will be at a higher spiritual level and have all the gifts gained from the journey. The one step the hero has to go threw in this stage is called the return to
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