Personal Narrative: How School Changed My Life

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School has always been my escape; it is a way for me to leave reality and be productive in something I am sure will one day change my life entirely. Graduating from high school was a step I was always afraid off, I was aware of college was around the corner and I was not sure how I would come up with the money to pursue my career in Marketing and Graphic Design. Financially, I had no help, whether it was from the college I decided to attend or from my parents. I concluded that the only way for me to attend higher education, was to pay out of pocket, as no matter how hard I attempted to search and apply for undocumented/DACA student scholarships, I was never awarded any. As a young child, I have enjoyed the idea of selling products
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I began my higher education in a community college after graduating high school, where it was easier for me to pay out of pocket. As I continue to extend my schooling, it is becoming a struggle and has become rough to come up with the money to pay for school. Especially, because I am stressfully trying to graduate quickly by taking 15 credits every semester. Which all adds up to be costlier. I believe I have always pursued for what is best for me and I continue to do so. Dedicated is what I like to describe myself as, whether it is in school or at work. I will always accomplish more than I can, without the help of others. It gives me value for being an independent person, which I believe makes me stand out from other candidates. Not only that, I enjoy managing to do certain task and duties on my own, because I enjoy the after feeling of success and the opportunity to help others after. Taking school for granted will never cross my mind, I will continue to make it the centerpiece of my life, until I now I have reached the peak of my career. If I believe that is not enough, I will continue to be ambitious about education and will not settle until I am content with my place in life. Throughout the help of scholarships I know I will be the successful and dedicated student in school to complete my degrees and start my
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