Personal Narrative: How Soccer Changed My Life

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When I was younger, my father gave me a lecture on having a desire. He told me that to be successful, you must have the desire to work for whatever you seek. Now that I am old enough and have been through some trials and tribulations to understand the concept of his philosophy, I believe in having a desire and having the will to work. When I was in the seventh grade, I felt as if I was a car with a dead engine on a highway during a winter storm. Even though I was a straight A student I had no desire to work, especially with the troubles I had at school and at home. I had no motivation whatsoever and eventually, everyday started to feel like deja vu. It wasn’t until near the end of seventh grade I had finally found my passion and motivation through soccer and band.…show more content…
Without soccer I would not have as much joy,fun, or depth in life. To me, Soccer is fun because it's a quick thinking game. The quickness of thinking depends on the level of speed and play such as junior varsity and varsity. At the junior varsity level, the speed is a bit faster than the middle school level but not nearly as fast as the varsity level. Another reason I like soccer is because of how challenging it is for me. The only experience I have had in games were 8th grade year and club soccer and neither are as fast as the varsity level and this means everyone that makes varsity has to have some type of speed whether running or footwork. This makes soccer more challenging and enjoyable because every player is

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