Personal Narrative: How Soccer Has Affected My Life

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When I first thought about how soccer impacted my life, nothing really came to mind. I was that kid who mostly looked forward to the end of the game snacks and bringing around the goal jar. But when I actually began thinking about more about playing soccer I realized that soccer was the first place where I was fully submerged into something completely new. I learned how to make friends, how be a leader, and how to have good sportsmanship. These are all things that have made me into the person I am today and it all began on the soccer field. For many years of my life all I did was play soccer. I kicked around a soccer ball in my house, rushed out to the field to play during recess, and then went to practice after school. I was constantly playing and making new friends outside of the classroom. Some of the friends I’ve made playing youth soccer have become my best friends now. We share the memories of game winning goals being scored and water bottle fights after practice. At soccer practices or games I felt like I could be myself. I was free to be silly and express myself. Despite not playing soccer anymore and being much older, I find myself in similar situations as I was while playing soccer. My freshman year I joined the student government program at my school and I’ve been apart of it ever since. I find student government to be my new soccer. Just like in soccer, every term there is new kids. Some kids walk into the class having never been apart of a leadership class before. In order to prepare …show more content…

I used to run down the sideline shaking the goal jar, now I run around with a cash box at every school event asking for donations for the senior class. I’ve realized that some things never actually change, they just evolve to become something bigger. Soccer challenged me, brought me a great amount of happiness, and truly inspired me to be the leader I am

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