Personal Narrative: How Soccer Has Been My Life

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Soccer has been my life This whole entire time since the day I came out, the story I will talk about is mostly about soccer. The reason why I said ‘’ Soccer has been my life This whole entire time since the day I came out ‘’ is because, on July 20, 2001, there was a soccer player is known as fenômeno AKA (Ronaldo luís nazário de lima) the was the best player in the 2000’s he has played for a lot of years he was born in Brazil he played for Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus and a lot of other teams. On July 20 there was a game which he scored about seven goals they won the game seven zero, on July 27, 2001, seven days after that happened I was born and my dad my uncles, my brothers my whole village were in love with the way Ronaldo plays the way he…show more content…
As I was playing for that team once we had a game which was about 4 miles away from our village that the whole team had to run there because nobody had a car or anything and I used to run without even getting tired, We had won that game. Back then I moved to Syria and I didn't play that much soccer but I used to watch the games on tv, The soccer game affected the Arabic people so much which I remember this , one time I was walking through a street which there are kids on one side of the street and other on the other side one group was wearing Real Madrid shirts and the other where wearing Barcelona FC shirts so as I'm walking one guy asks me who you support Barca or Real and sometimes you have to be smart you have to think before you say so the guy was wearing Real Madrid shirt and I said Real Madrid and he celebrated he was screaming that I'm a Real fan and the others got mad so he asked me what my name was and I said Ronaldo, he didn’t believe me till he came to my house and asked my brother. When i came out to the
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