Personal Narrative: How Soccer Has Changed My Life

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The event that has stayed with me is joining the soccer team 2 years ago in Rocky Mount. That memory stays with me because it has changed my life. It changed my life because I lost weight and I also made new friends. Before I started playing soccer I was chubby and I was out of shape. Then my friend next door told me he joined the soccer team, he told me that I should join too. So I joined and I was excited. When we went to the skill evaluation I didn’t know anyone only my neighbors, so I hung around them. They had many friends and they talked to everyone. When the coaches picked our teams I found out that my neighbors weren't on my team. I had become scared and that was when I told myself that I had to make new friends. I started to talk to people and I started to get to know them. So the season went on and at the end I had made some new friends. My next door neighbors decided to make a party for the kids…show more content…
There was this one kid who was very good and I recognized him from outdoor, so I started to talk to him. We became friends and one day at practice they put me on defense and I wasn’t doing so good, so the boy came up to me and said you can do better. He also told me this, “No one gets to shoot,” so I laughed and tried my best and it worked, he brought up my confidence. Ever since that day we always say that and laugh about it. In conclusion, soccer is my greatest memory and it has changed my life. I have made many friends playing and it has also made me more relaxed. When I play soccer I forget about other things and that helps me relax. The sport has also taught me to be more competitive and has shown me to not give up when something hard happens. My friends have also taught me to be a better person because they taught me to enjoy myself while playing. The purpose of the game is to have fun while playing, winning doesn’t matter, it's how you play that
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