Personal Narrative: How Stepmom Changed My Life

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Without a doubt the most impactful and influential moment of my life happened on September 7th 2014 on a sunny morning when my stepmom and dad decided to drag me out of bed to take me to church. As I was getting ready to leave I made sure to waste as much time so we would be late because I absolutely hated going to church. After many minutes passed of me stalling my dad finally pushed me out the door and we were in the car on are way to willow creek. As usual as soon as I sat in my seat I closed my eyes and tried to fall back asleep mostly because I was still tired but also because I knew it would make my stepmother mad If she thought I was sleeping through mass. After my dad tapped my shoulder and told me to wake up because mass was over me my stepmother and dad all got up and started walking to the car. As soon as we stepped foot out of the church and we were in the parking lot my stepmom turned to…show more content…
My mind just kept thinking what 's happening is this a joke why is he lying there. Immediately my stepmom starts screaming and yelling for help. Swarms of people surround my dad 's body including a woman announcing she is a doctor and can help. As the women starts to perform cpr I continue to stand there and blankly stare into the parking lot. The paramedics quickly show up and they push everyone away. My stepmom grabs me and trys to face me away from where my dad lay on the ground.It seemed like almost everything that day was a blur but the one thing I will never ever forget was when the paramedics pronounced my dad dead. I still just stood there my eyes completely dry as I watched my stepmom scream “ He is not dead please please just check his pulse again please.” The paramedics after telling and retelling my stepmom that 's their is nothing else they can do they finally agreed they could check his pulse one more time. As the parametric leaned in to feel for a pulse he announced “ I have a

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