Personal Narrative: How The Band Changed My Life

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When I ended my sophomore year, I felt as if I was on top of the world. My grades were top tier, I had a successful soccer season, and I had just been assigned the drum major position in my school’s marching band. However about halfway through the following summer, I was diagnosed with depression.Instead of trying to fight through my condition, I allowed myself to slink deeper and deeper into an abyss. I knew that in my tenure as drum major, I would need to have a stable mind in order to be effective and have a possible impact on the band but I truthfully did not care. The only thing I cared about was my own personal benefit and the perks that I would receive due to my rank.
Throughout the season, I performed as I should’ve in front of the band but after the lights and I put up my baton and uniform, I was a complete wreck but not in the way that most would think. Instead of fulfilling the depressed stereotype by moping and and wallowing in self-pity, I delved deeper into my disorder by developing new vices. I constantly skipped class and devoted my time to people and things that were less than deserving. As a result, my relationship with my family deteriorated and the bond that took me almost four years to form with my closest friends was virtually nonexistent. It angered me that things in my life were so chaotic. I blamed it on everyone else but myself. I had
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In order to change, I had to cut certain people out of my life and make amends with those who I had hurt. After about 6 months of reaping the consequences of my absurd actions, I finally decided to actually deal with my depression head on opposed to wading in abjection. I actually opened up about my issues and separated myself from the aspects of my life that I allowed to take me over. The best way to defeat mental illness is to be open about it and address the areas that may trigger
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