Personal Narrative: How To Become A Good Soccer Player

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The day my brother introduced me to soccer I had a feeling that it was the sport that I would play. Since that day I started to look at videos about soccer and what the rules were that needed to be followed in the game. I asked my dad to buy me a soccer ball so I could practice playing and how to do plays. When my brother got home he started playing with me and showing me the way to keep control of the ball. I found it difficult in learning the sport, but my brother always told me not to give up on something you love. My brother would always be there showing me everything that I needed to learn to become a good soccer player. Knowing the sport and knowing how to play it is the best thing because you get to meet new people. People start to…show more content…
More and more people start to see you playing and cheering for you when you are in a game. People start to come to the games that you are playing in and there are some that bring different people to see you play. That way you start to have more fans that like to watch you play soccer. The friends you meet playing soccer are the real friends because they are there when you need them and call you to play soccer with them. They help you out when you don’t have anywhere to play, and they call you so you can play in the team they are on. Playing soccer is fun because you can go play at different places where you have never been and meet different people. You never give up on a sport because practicing hard pays off. People like to watch a sport that they’re good at and knows about the sport and are good players. Real friends are in the sport that you like to play and will play with you on any team. Having fans in a sport is a nice thing because they go and support you when you are in a game. They are there and you feel like you have to try your best so you won’t disappoint your fans that you have while playing. Knowing how to play a sport you like is nice because it takes all your problems
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