Personal Narrative: How To Go Canoeing On The River

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The water is a bit chilly for our liking, but that did not stop us. It seemed like the perfect day for a ride on the river; 3 kids dreaming big, and thought that nothing would ever happen to us. Until July 12th of 2014, sunny and 75 with our life jackets sitting next to us in the canoe thinking we would be fine.I It was a normal day and Macey wanted us over because back then during the long summer days, boredom would set in. We are about 12 years old and someone had this great idea to go canoeing on the river. Usually we go kayaking, but this time we wanted to go all together in Macey’s neighbors canoe. First Macey had to go and ask her neighbors if it was okay to borrow their canoe, but they were gone so we ended up just taking it without…show more content…
We do not realize yet that Macey’s family is sitting on their pontoon watching this whole thing go down waiting for us to figure it out on our own. As we get closer to the shore I can tell my muscles were not cut out for trying to keep a canoe afloat, and we could not let it sink because it was not our canoe. When we arrive to land were all huffing and puffing. I take a seat by Macey and Cierra who are now sitting on some rocks resting, and we burst out in laughter. I have never experienced anything like this before, maybe in a pond, but not on a river. Somehow we need to get back to the other side and we are still scared to get back into the canoe knowing what could happen again. First step before hopping back into this dangerous piece of wood is to empty out the canoe which probably was the longest process because we could not figure out how to get all the water out being it was so heavy. The first thing we tried was tipping to its side, and flipping it over but we were not strong enough for that so I came up with a better plan. My idea was to push the canoe back into the water, and tip it over in the water then pull it out really fast. It got most of the water out, but the rest we had to splash out with our hands. After a little break we decide to get back into the canoe very carefully and try to get to the other side without tipping. We make it! AMEN! As we reach land we practically jump off and kiss the ground were so thankful we did not die! Now Macey, Cierra, and I notice that her family is staring at us from the pontoon at the edge of land. We decide to bring the canoe back to the neighbors later, so we go in for the day and have a snack sense we are
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