Personal Narrative: How To Make A Big Snowmen

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What I did this sumer This sumer my daddy took me on my very ferst boat ride. Im not sure I like boat rides all that much becaus it made me feel sick. I told the boat captan that I was not feeling well in the tummy and ask him if he would pull over. He said I would be okay and that we would be to the eyeland in a few minites. I told him I would ask him again after I got sick and see how he ansered when he was covered with throw up. How to make a big snowmen First I make a big foot and lay it off to the side. Second I roll up three big snow balls. Third I stack all the snow balls up on each other. Next I put the giant foot on the snow man. After that I make a big scairy face because a big foot snow man is very scary because he has such a big
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