Personal Narrative: How To Play The Violin

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It 's 2010. This is a big year. Double digits! I am finally 10 years old and I’m in fourth grade.
This is the first year that kids can join the orchestra. After the introduction for orchestra that the string teacher gave, I really want to learn how to play the violin. I already know how to read music so I figured this would pretty simple. My mom knew that I would want to in orchestra so we headed over the West Music and we brought back a violin. It 's just like the one my sister had, except this one was mine. When I brought it home my sister wanted to play with it, but being the little sister I said no. I hadn 't forgotten how Noelle treated me when I wanted to play with her violin. Now the shoe’s on the other foot and she wasn 't going to be fiddling around with my violin anytime soon. I took it out and
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It out of tune as expected. I didn 't really know anything about violins so I just put it back in its case and it stayed like

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