Personal Narrative: How Trelian Changed My Life

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I’ve had many experiences that changed my life and my outlook on life. Even though things were hard for me, I never quit trying and I always kept moving forward with life. There were some things that I never overcome, but eventually I did. Situations such as deaths, injuries, and incarceration have always been around me ever since I was just a little boy. Those situations made me who I am today is which is an intelligent and hardworking person. One of my worst experiences that changed life was the death of my cousin Trelian. Trelian was loved by a lot of people, and was always fun to be around. He actually attended the school I currently attend which is Desert Hot Springs High school. Trelian was an all-star football player for the DHSHS football teams. He graduated in 2006. He had a good life ahead of him. He was given a scholarship to USC to go play college football, but he instead he ended up running the streets. The day my cousin was killed I…show more content…
Whenever he would come around, we would play football together. Also because Trelian was the first cousin I had that was close to me get killed. Before Trelain died, I didn’t know what it was like to lose one of my cousins until this happened. Not only did his death affect me, it affected the whole family. This experience also changed me because before I was a trouble kid and it made me realize the consequences of being in the streets, so I just decided to do better in school and do the right thing. In conclusion, today I am now doing good in school and very focused. I tend to stay away from the negative things because I don’t need anything bringing me down at this point. When my cousin passed it made me realize that life can be very short and that tomorrow is never guaranteed. Now that I’ve realized what’s important, I’ve made the decisions to join the United States Army. I hope to do everything the right way and have a bright

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