Personal Narrative: How Weslaco Changed My Life

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Weslaco is like my adopted mother. She gave my family and I a home when we were brought into the United States. I wish I could be like everyone else and say I was born here, however I was not. I was born in Mexico, the mother who couldn't give me the opportunities like Weslaco has given me. Through thick and thin, weslaco has always been there with me from the start. Not only was weslaco like an important person, but it was also the place where many significant events occurred that made the individual I am. Growing up with one brother and sister, we were all raised by a single mother. She worked too hard to give us just enough. She was an immigrant just like my siblings and I, so her getting a job was difficult. From cleaning houses to babysitting kids, my exhausted mother would still make the effort to comfort all of us. She never gave up and did what she had to do to give my siblings and I a roof over our heads. We grew up having nothing, but the only thing that we did get was…show more content…
So my mom taught me to not be negative or rude to those who had that one barbie everyone wanted so bad. But when we did have money, I would get rewarded with a toy because I would be doing good in school or behaved well at home. However when it came to my older siblings, they weren’t gifted with the same opportunities like me. My brother and sister were high school drop outs, so they really didn’t set the right example for me. Their actions led to me setting high standards for myself because everyone in my family thought I would be a highschool drop out like my siblings. Now that I am a senior I know that I'll be the first to graduate from high school and go to college. I am proud of myself because I have proved my family wrong. Their doubts have pushed me to be successful. I've come from a poor family so no matter what I do I'm going to remain
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