Personal Narrative-Hurricane Katrina

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Hurricane Katrina As I was riding in the backseat of my mother’s white 2003 Lincoln Town Car, I gazed out the window which peered to be covered in drops of rain. Gusts of wind pounded the car, making it shake and jerk around. I was seven years old going on eight experiencing my first disastrous situation--Hurricane Katrina. My family, our dachshund, Toddy, and I were running from the deadly storm. We traveled hurriedly from our home in Gautier to Oxford, Mississippi, where my sister was enrolled at the University of Mississippi. On the way, trees were already lying on the muddy ground because of the powerful wind force; some roads were even blocked off. Almost every gas station, along with many other offices and buildings, was closed.
When my family and I arrived in Oxford, we luckily had advanced hotel reservations since we had already planned to visit my sister prior to Katriina. Once a couple of days had passed, we were living in and out of many
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The wind was so strong that when I would open the door to peer outside, the wind would snatch the door knob from my hands, slamming the door against the wall. I remember glaring at the television when the signal was not out from the storm and seeing what was going on back at home. There were families stuck on roofs and walking or swimming in the streets all crying hopelessly for safety and shelter. All I could do was pray for my friends, my family, and the people who stayed behind for this catastrophe. Frantically, everyone constantly dialing loved ones back home trying to get through to find out whether or not they were safe. A few days after my dad and brother arrived home, we were able to talk on the phone with them briefly. He sternly told my mother not to come home until he lets us know that it was safe enough. Several friends and family members were staying at our house, sleeping in our beds because they had no place to lay their head at
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