Personal Narrative: Hurricane Tera

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This is terrible! I have just been told that hurricane Tera is gonna strike in 30 minutes. I am very scared I do not know what to do! My first plan is to get water and food out of my house. I put all the food in my truck and went in the house to get some more stuff. I live on the beach. When I came back outside I noticed that the wind was getting faster and it made me very scared.

I got in my big black truck and it did not start, it was out of gas. I walked to the gas station with a red gas can so I could get some gas. It took me 10 minutes to walk to the gas station when I got there the weather had gotten worse it had started raining. When I got home I put gas in my truck and it started. When I was leaving the wind got stronger and stronger I thought my truck was gonna get blown off the road. When I got to the bridge at Galveston I noticed the water was higher and the waves were really big. When I went past the bridge I saw a giant boat it was turned upside down because of how big the waves are. I had to get
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There was a lot of water in my house and it smelled like fish. After I cleaned my house I fixed all the windows and lived there again. I hope I never see another hurricane! My neighbors did not live through the hurricane because they thought they would be safe in there house. My other neighbors lived because they put boards over there windows and evacuated as soon as they could. There house was perfect when they got home because they put boards on the windows. Not very many people survived hurricane Tera it was a tragic event in the history of the United States. This was the worst event to ever take place on American soil. If you hear about a hurricane you should evacuate as quick as you can because you never know how bad the hurricane will be or if it will kill you. If I would have known about the hurricane earlier I could have helped save people and I could have put boards over all my

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