Personal Narrative: I Am A Pit Bull

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Man i 'm strong I can take down anybody. i 'm tough buff and strong. I am a Pit bull and i also can hear other things too. I can get aggressive when I Camouflage and white. I do barking sound am surrounded by other things like dogs. I smell fear and other things And i like can food and dry food because it 's really good, but I love bacon the best. Bark bark it means i 'm aggressive but good and bad. Its feels nasty around here. You 're a good and protective dog to me said my father. I 'm a pitbull if you didn 't know that. I 'm buff strong aggressive and over protective too. But it all started when i was using the bathroom outside and i thought it would be good to run out of the silver fence and i seen a big dog trying to get my father
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