Personal Narrative: I Am David Myles Thompson

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I am David Myles Thompson, I and take much pride in my first and middle just as much as my last name. My mother always tells me that “It’s important to never look like what you’ve been through,” you smile at the world and it’ll smile back, cry at the world and you’ll cry alone. And I believe that the circumstances that I had been victim to have made me who I am today and ultimately paved the road for the future. That road, which is my destiny- what I make it up to be and these are the goals that I have for myself, academic/career/ and life goals. My father set the dream of his son going to college and obtaining a degree. And my mother set the standard for hard work when she had to raise two children, by herself- after my father had passed away. She set the standard by being a single mother, working two full time jobs as a Registered Nurse and getting her Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Something that took her my whole life to obtain. She wanted to be a Nurse since she was sixteen and never lost that drive to obtain that goal. My parents’ example of hard work pushes me to have these goals, and as a child I have the passion to one up my parents, to be better so that my kids can…show more content…
I had doubted myself when I set this goal because high school was so difficult for me, not because I didn’t like school but because in high school I felt like an outsider and no one teacher ever took an interest in me, my education, or my future. In my yearbook I even have a signature from my high school human anatomy teacher and it reads: “David- Congrats! When I first met you, I questioned how you made it to 12th grade… Now I know behind the big mouth is a big brain &heart. Best of Luck,” Mr. W. That just tips off my high school time, on the outside, that seems like a very uplifting message. But in reality it signifies how hard I had to try to even make it to the where I am
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