Personal Narrative: I Am Federal Chief Judge Merrick Garland

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I am Federal Chief Judge Merrick Garland. Democrats dream and Republicans dream come true. A very, very strong nominee for the Supreme Court of our beloved nation. I have earned honorable decades of experience on the bench and as a family man as well as an American citizen of this great nation of ours. Although the First Lady and I were born not too far of a distance, my ancestors like the Second Lady came here on planes. Honesty, integrity and dignity has been running in my mother 's vein, who was a community volunteer and my father running a business. Like the President and the First Lady, I also graduated from Harvard. But carpet bombing or to surveillance a neighborhood because of how our citizens desire to worship Him, were not being thought by Professor Warren or any other Harvard Professors.…show more content…
America will not become a communist nation, ever. Harvard thought me, when we stand as one, then we can accomplish much more together. As I have been doing for the past decades. And I will intended to do that for the rest of my life. Rejecting or not given me a fair hearing as one of the best Supreme Court nominee by the President of the United States of America, because it is the last year of his Presidency, is unconstitutional in Harvard or any Princeton law books, the books inside of chamber is included. You don 't trust me, ask Mr. Trump 's Honorable sister, the Honorable Justice Ginsburg or the rest of the Honorable Supreme Court Justices of the United States of America. But I am standing to fight any Graduates, Professors, Congressmen, Senators or House Speakers. I have been dedicating my life serving you the American people. "Anytime you disagree with the Honorable Justice Garland, you know you are in difficult area." Over the past years, Justice Ginsburg, Mayo, Roberts, including Vice President Biden and President Obama often indicating that. This is the greatest honor of my life. I am loved on both sides of the
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