Personal Narrative: I Am Half-Deaf

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When I was born I was missing a nerve that connected my right eardrum to my brain. I have no hearing on my right side. I am half deaf. It is hard for me to hear what people are saying, and also understand it. As i grew older i told my friends and classmates about it. At first they did not believe that I was half deaf. Because of their doubt, people were always whispering in my bad ear. After they did so, they would look at me expectantly. I just stare back with a blank face. Now that i have gotten use to it, people started to believe me. Until one day last year. As I was walking down the hall at my middle school, and two guys were behind me at the opposite end of the hall. While i was walking one of them yelled with all the air in their lungs, “Hey, can you hear me?” For a few seconds I stood there in shock. Meanwhile they were laughing.…show more content…
My whole life I had dealt with the struggle of being half deaf, and my reward was their mocking words. The days that followed I thought over this. At first I was upset, but over the course of a few days i accepted it. Those boys were mean but they are only mean to feel better about themselves. I decided to let go of all the wrongs people have and will do against me. Instead of paying them back, I would be nice to them so that maybe someday they will feel good enough about themselves to be nice to others. Through this experience I have learned that people’s response should not be revenge. This I
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