Personal Narrative: I Am Homeless

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The ticket will be my opportunity.
I’m homeless. My father left me with my mother by the age of ten. I ran away because I hate the alcohol breath of my mother. Nowadays I sleep under the Deer Lake bridge I couldn’t recall the last time i slept on a good bed and i lick my dry lips for moisture. I made a wonderful plan and decided to rest my last afternoon and rot in this very spot. What is succeeding? When even though I some
A mysterious asked showed up to my spot and asked if wanted to do anything for the opportunity. I thought about this, and remembered that was already planning to rot here. I grasped for air and dyingly said “No thanks, i have no purpose in succeeding when nobody would congratulate me even if i would. What is succeeding? Does it mean to keep pushing? Does it mean to have the advantage? Does it
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I only read books when someone tells me to. Even though i probably succeed who will be there to congratulate me? Nobody cares. However, I can be the teacher, be the one who tells the solutions to all these problems. Perhaps i can grow up to be the father I wish i had. I needed the confidence to stand but i was always timid hiding like a rat under this bridge. It was all unfamiliar by the time i arrived. The scent was different, my clothes were different, and i was insecurity was all but bloody insane. My mistake was showing an excessive of my appearance. It was fate that this ticket had blessed me with. I’ve sensed something in this world, those who taught us, those who i’ve helped, those i’ve caused trouble for. Those we fight as rivals only to better our survival. All of these connections we encounter in this world serve as teachers who nurture us. Being a teacher would not help others but me as well. This college will personify and reveal the potential i agape. I’m not happy because I haven’t looked beyond my imperfections. It’s fate that I will break down. The possibility of failing is
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