Personal Narrative-I Am In A Camelot Musical

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The first time I went to see a Camelot Musical was a couple of years ago to support my friend who played one of Ursula 's tentacles in the Little mermaid production. That day I was blown away by the performance of the actors,the singing,the set,everything! I was obsessed with that Disney Character for a while after that,I listened to the soundtrack in the morning,in the car,while doing chores. Camelot clearly left an impression on me. Now I am proud to say I am in a Camelot production that is debuting on the 27th! I 'm stoked to be a part of such a amazing musical! You do not want to miss it! The cast and crew have been working nonstop on this production! It is the biggest Camelot production yet! I am so thankful for all the volunteers who
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