Personal Narrative: I Am Iran Muunoz-Montoya

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I am Iran Munoz-Montoya. I was supposed to be writing something about me that made me want to be who I am today; something that appeals to colleges. All I know is that I am who I am because of my parents. They had me a year before they graduated high school. My mother came from Juarez and my father came from Cuauhtémoc legally, but stayed here illegally. Illegal’s came here for a better education, and the best education my parents thought they could receive was graduating high school. After high school, they had nothing left but to work; their plans were to have a baby after they graduated. Things did not go this way, and instead my mother was pregnant her junior year. They didn’t give up though; they both went to school and graduated. They…show more content…
I would wake up at 4:30 in the morning to make sure I got to school which was 38 minutes away from my home, and for my dad to still have time to get to work at 6:45. I would wait outside my elementary school for one hour after I got there, just so that the lunch ladies would open up the back door for me. He felt quite bad that I had to wait outside sometimes in the snow, but I always had a big coat on my shoulders, gloves, beanies, and fluffy socks to keep me warm when all he had to wear for work was a grey sweater that had a hole on the sleeve. Those times were some of the best times in my life with my dad. He would make me laugh all the way to school and tried not to make me feel ashamed of his old car, but I loved that car because it was ours. It wasn’t new, but it was ours. My mother worked so hard to provide everything for us. She worked the graveyard shift every day, and worked on the weekends, too. My brother and I hardly saw her. She would take us to my aunt’s house to eat because all we would have at home were beans for a couple months. My parents hid the fact that we weren’t doing so great economically for years; I never knew that all they ate was beans until two years ago; I didn’t realize how hard they worked for us until two years ago. I am so thankful to have them. I am so thankful to be their daughter, and I
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