Personal Narrative: I Am Jesus Vazquez

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I am Jesus Vazquez and my struggles. I believe that my biggest achievements derive from my biggest failures. My struggles as a kid growing up without a father, an unemployed mother, no permanent home, all worked to shape both my character and I. Early on, I realized my hardships, and my struggles would always be a part of me, however it continued to be up to me how I would let them define me. One particular struggle for me growing up was soccer and along with it comes one of my most vivid memories that depict just how I learned to trust in my struggle. As the ball sailed way over the net, I lowered my head and slumped my shoulders as I jogged back to my position. Passing the trail of peers, future teammates, and even the coach laughing and…show more content…
Making it onto the varsity soccer team every year since I became a freshman, and being appointed Co-captain as a junior last year and continuing that role as captain this year as a senior is what I want to leave behind as my memoir. I went from being the worst player, to being a leader for the team, has made me value those who've stuck with me since the beginning, my family who has always been supportive, who worked hard to put a meal on my plate, kept me off the streets and taught me the importance of balance. A life plagued with hardships, and every reason for me to put my head down and give up, has made me not fear challenging conditions or ultimately being knocked down. In life I sometimes do get made fun of , and I sometimes get knocked down (both physically and emotionally.). However, day by day, I try to use these experiences to fuel my thirst to succeed. I believe that a man’s character is his currency, and my character alone will tell you what I’m really worth. Just as struggling to be the best at everything I take part of, and accepting that when something fails it should only inspire me to keep pushing forward and striving both in soccer and in life. The thirst and desire for better days, better results, and brighter experiences has helped me become stronger and more
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